drink containers
The Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver, the day after a big event downtown.

The more I am studying the Vancouver City website, the more deeper I go.  It seems like an endless amount of things to learn.  So many of them I have never heard of before! Like the The Cigarette Waste Brigade® pilot program or that Union St at Gore Ave being considered as a site for temporary modular housing.  This will definitely occupy a lot of my time, and whether I get elected or not, this will definitely help me be a better citizen of Vancouver.

No matter how many mistakes the public feels that the current council has made, you have to admire the thousands of hours they spent making policy, attending events, listening to the public, struggling to solve the challenges of living in a world class city that has some of the lowest wages and the highest housing prices. It won’t be an easy thing to do, but I look forward to trying.

But either way, I pledge to spend the next two months either volunteering or meeting experts who have something to say and who are knowledgeable about the change needed to make Vancouver “clean, green and with an accessible scene.”

My first step will be to go to the Union Gospel Mission Friday and volunteer in their kitchen for 2 hours.

My second step will be to collect one bag of street garbage a day – especially coffee cups, fast food containers, gum, doggy doo and cigarette butts.

Finally, I plan to talk to at least 1,000 regular Vancouverites, who can tell me about their dreams, hopes and fears, which I will be sharing on this blog, once I have collected enough information.

I am looking forward to hearing from the public!