1.  Tour Guide – have you been in Vancouver before, but you would like to see a different side of it that locals might see.  Or where the German restaurants or beers can be found? A food tour of various restaurants? Then hire me!  $25 an hour
  2. Coaching – are you working on your own and would like to be able to bounce some ideas off someone? Do you need any ideas for public relations strategies? Would you like someone to help you with your website, your social media or your press relationships? $25 an hour.
  3. Restaurant Critic – I am preparing a report card for restaurants, especially new ones.  Restaurants and chains are coming and going, and I will be happy to give you my 2 cents worth. This will be $50 for a report card, plus a meal/drinks/desserts.
  4. YouTube Channel Consultant – if you are a real beginner, I might be able to help you in some way. I have edited footage, shot video, done voice over acting, prepared and set up a channel and written scripts.
  5. Public Speaking – do you need a speaker for an event – maybe only 10 or 15 minutes? I would love to be able to get more experience speaking in public. My own personal speaking goals are to be inspirational, to help people be happy and to achieve their goals, and also to connect with the audience in a positive way.

Everything listed on this page are jobs I would love doing. The dozen things on my About page are things I have done; some more than others.

Contact me at 604 828 8788 for help!

Also, if you have a product/service, such as:

a.  hair salon

b. clothing line

c. aesthetic services

d. fashion in accessories (purses, bags etc.)

e.  shoe brand

And if you would like to trade services (a hair cut for an ad; or a shoe line for a Youtube mention etc.) please contact me to see if we can help each other.