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Here are some interesting links on housing affordability:

  1. The Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability Academic Working Group was set up to generate ideas and insights about how to approach certain important issues pertaining to affordability as a means of assisting the Housing Affordability Task Force and the four themed working groups.
    Four recommendations from this task force (2012)

    • Bring a new level of strategic direction to affordable housing development in Vancouver by creating an arms-length, city-owned affordable housing authority, as is done in cities around the world;
    • Make transit hubs the priority for locating major new affordable housing developments;
    • Expand creation and development of stacked townhouses and rowhomes in ‘transition zones,’ to have better neighbourhood continuity between large towers and single-family homes;
    • Incentivize all new housing built at ground level to be ‘suite ready,’ vastly increasing the potential for new secondary suites;
  2. Michael Geller’s blog post on 12 ways to increase housing affordability:
  3. Making Room Housing ProgramOver the next year, the Making Room program will:
    • Map and research the current conditions in low-density neighbourhoods
    • Analyze new housing options and types for consideration
    • Explore ways to improve affordability
    • Engage with residents on what they want to make room for in their neighbourhoods
    • Develop principles and selection criteria to identify suitable locations for new housing options, considering factors such as proximity to transit, shopping, schools, parks, and amenities
    • Evaluate where the greatest opportunities exist for increasing housing diversity with the least impacts
    • Develop recommendations on changes beyond duplex and report back to Council in spring, 2019