Good Reasons for Running for City Council

Generic reasons why anyone should run for City Council?

Why SHOULD you run for council?

  1. You wish to serve your community
  2. You wish to provide good leadership
  3. You wish to plan and build for the future
  4. You should have a contribution to make:
  5. Ideas to share
  6. Passion that won’t abate
  7. Commitment to do the right thing, no matter what
  8. You will have to sacrifice popularity/family time
  9. You will have to make decisions that benefit the community as a whole, but not always you personally
  10. You should run if you want a better future for your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s grandchildren

As posted by Danielle Klooster
Penhold, Alberta
Town Councillor

On the beach VancouverThese ten reasons are exactly why I would like to run for City Council and have some say in what is happening.

What should be happening?

Why isn’t it happening?

What can we do to make it happen?

Collect ideas from around the world and implement them here

Support initiatives and inventions that will allow people to use less cars and reduce their carbon footprint, while getting exercise and feeling better.

Cleaning up back alleys

Creating more small grants for neighbourhood initiatives and block parties

Starting an Au Pair Program

Setting up block watch programs again

Provide education to students on the dangers of drugs and addiction at a younger age – focussing on prevention.

Cleaning up beaches, forests and mountains…

The ideas keep coming!