Slogan - Clean, green with an accessible scene

Elke Thank You How would you describe me, if you were to look at all the parties & political platforms out there?

The best way is to see me as someone who is a little bit of everything.  I support the environment, but I also support growth & development.  If done right, these two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can’t call me Green, but I would vote with the Green Party on some issues.  You can’t call me NPA, but I would vote with NPA on some issues.  You can’t call me Vision, or COPE or ProVancouver, but I definitely agree with some of their opinions on issues.

According to McKinsey & Company, a great city has these 3 elements:

  • Smart Growth
  • Does more with less
  • Wins support for change

Also a quality city that is growing and changing also believes in team building & collaboration. So how would this work when it comes to making decisions on a municipal level? What are my priorities as an Independent Political Candidate?


  • more social housing
  • more purpose-built rental housing
  • more homes that match income levels in Vancouver
  • reduce empty homes, condos and lots
  • use a flexible and innovative building code that allows for both short-term & long-term solutions, such as modular housing placed on empty lots while waiting for building approval
  • reward developers who are offering social or community amenities, such as a childcare centre, seniors college, community space, social housing units etc. in their building


  • clean up parks & beaches so that we can walk barefoot in the sand or grass
  • install more trash containers in heavily congested areas
  • call for more beach clean up days city street clean up days – volunteer program
  • offer twice a year large item pick-up in our residential neighbourhoods
  • invest in EPR – extended producer responsibility – that would ensure that the businesses creating the mess would help clean up the mess – coffee shops, cigarette companies & fast food franchises etc.


  • Would offer public consultation for bike lanes and a complaints line
  • Would create more bike infrastructure in areas that wouldn’t affect as many people
  • Would create a plan to support cycling infrasctucture downtown – more bike lockers, bike racks, bike concierges, showers & lockers in offices
  • Support modern innovations, such as passive house for schools and public buildings
  • Would work on more public transportation options in downtown Vancouver – there are 4 different kinds of car-sharing already – Evo, Car2Go, ZipCar and Modo – offer more or those with different vehicles, if necessary


  • Would work hard to be able to offer a small bus down to Jericho Beach, so that all people have access to the beach
  • Would work hard to make more of Vancouver accessible to those with mobility issues – fixing sidewalks, widening doorways, adding elevators & building more washrooms.
  • Would build more childcare through partnerships with private enterprise
  • Would build more senior-friendly or disabled friendly playgrounds & parks through partnership with the parks board & innovative technology companies

The important thing to note is that everything on my list of priorities would take time & effort.  Time to gather data, find stakeholders & consult with them, work with a team of people who are also passionate about positive change and then to start the building process. Great city building will ensure we have eventually will have even more great people, food, outdoor environments, incredible art and amazing architecture.

The important question to ask:  Who is participating in planning in Vancouver and how deep does this participation run in all directions? I want to be the one participating in planning, along with your input. People who should support me are sustainable builders with innovative ideas, those who like creative building solutions, those who really want no more homeless on the street unless they really want to be there, those who want to clean up their communities and those who believe that we need to make life better for everyone.

Vancouver, you have some work to do!

There are things we need more of:  childcare spaces, recycling depots, rental housing, cycling infrastructure (done right, of course), more creative art activities for all ages.

There are things we need less of:  trash in our streets – gum, coffee cups, fast food, doggy too & cigarette butts being the top 5 – we also need less taxes, less obstacles to building green & passive house homes, as well as less foreign investment.

What are your biggest beefs with Vancouver that you would like addressed by the new City Council in October?

  • Housing
  • Taxation
  • Poverty/Homelessness
  • Pipelines/Bike Lanes
  • Traffic Congestion

Please contact me with your answers, and I will see what I can do to help!

Since I am a realist when it comes to solving societal issues, I am a fan of developers being given incentives to solve challenges, such as if they want a permit to build, they could offer a child care facility in their building.  Or a school that needs to be seismically upgraded, can partner with a bowling alley, a tennis club, a swimming pool (Lord Byng?). A builder of luxury retirement homes could also open a seniors centre/school for the public. An office can “donate” an office to a charity etc.

I am hoping my children and grandchildren can eventually inherit a “clean, green & an affordable scene.”