Keep Vancouver Clean, Green with an Accessible Scene!

A for affordable & accessible, B is for business-friendly & building green, C is for Creative Arts & Childcare

My goal as a candidate for the 2018 election is to contribute

As an elected Civil Servant, I would work hard to make Vancouver better.  More affordable, more acessible, more for seniors, children & those with special needs. Yet, I would also like to reduce the burden on those suddenly paying sky-high property taxes,  or taxes, such as carbon or school taxes that are just going into the general coffers…

My goal as a candidate as a Vancouver City Council is to listen

Everyone has issues with Vancouver that effect them directly.  For some it is not being able to afford to live here.  For some it is not having a decent job with decent pay.  Still others are struggling to find friends and find it lonely & depressing. My goal is to listen and the prioritize the issues – we all need to start with shelter, food & clothing…


Everyone needs a place to live – teachers,  coffee baristas, entrepreneurs, small business owners, fire fights, police, ambulance and everyone else! Creating affordable non-profit rental & market housing is a first priority.


There are streets with no sidewalks, sidewalks with no curb ramps, curb ramps with crosswalks – yet there are 600,000 people with disabilities, not including Seniors, parents with strollers & those using a mobility aid of some kind.


Vancouver needs more support for pedestrians, cyclists and for those using public transportation.  As new buildings are made & old ones redone, I would want to see bike racks, lockers & shower facilities.


Besides federal & provincial taxes, we now pay local taxes, income, payroll, sales and property taxes, which have gone up by 2000% since 1961.  The financial gap is widening and the middle class is leaving.

Everyone wants:

Affordable Housing

Like everyone else, i want to solve the affordable housing issue with creative solutions and incentives to allow more co-op housing, more modular housing, more laneway homes, more tiny homes, more floating homes etc. Some ideas that Guy Dauncey has are great: start there and move along…

Some things I support

Passive House

I would fast-track developments that will offer passive house, that build a child-care facility in their tower, that put aside 25% of their building for family housing, that would let a non-profit run an organization out of their office, or that would otherwise support a charity or  non-profit that helps the homeless, the poor & the disabled… like building accessible water parks & playgrounds…

But, I also want to support businesses!

Do you run your own business in Vancouver and are struggling to pay your bills?

Since 98% of businesses in Vancouver are considered “small”,  you are most likely running your own businesses, whether from home or in a “bricks & mortaar” location and maybe your property taxes have gone up by 80% like they did in Commercial Drive, or you suddenly have to pay more for transportation costs due to behind-the-scenes decisions you had no voice in.

Join us. It will only take a minute







Unaffordable Rental Fees

Latest News

From what I have read in the last four years, issues, such as housing affordability, rental supply, AirBNB, escalating property taxes, new schools, Vanishing Vancouver, off-shore buyers, homelessness, poverty, vanishing middle class, scarcity of teachers due to out-of-control living expenses, credit-card debt – it is extremely unaffordable out there right now! My goal would be to dig deep and find out what kinds of things could be done to help Vancouverites stay in their city that they love to work and play in.  What do YOU think?

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